What this service includes:

This directory includes the name, registration class, licence status (if applicable), limitations/conditions on the members licence and/or registration, clinic information (if applicable) and Board Certification information (if applicable).

What this service does not include:

Information for former or inactive MVMA members. For a list of active Animal Health Assistants, please click here.

Member Registration

If you are a pharmacist or drug distributor looking to verify a veterinarian’s status:

  1. Confirm the veterinarian’s registration class. Each veterinarian in the following registration classes is entitled to prescribe prescriptions, including controlled substances, unless noted otherwise in their profile:
    • Veterinarian- General
    • Veterinarian- Public
    • Veterinarian- Limited Licence
  2. Review the veterinarian’s detailed profile to verify if they have any conditions on their licence that would affect their ability to prescribe.
  3. If you need to confirm that they practice out of an MVMA inspected practice, please click here to access the MVMA PIPS Directory.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact the MVMA office at mvmainfo@mvma.ca.